Listing commission

Chairman of the Commission - M. Tuychiev

Members of the Commission:  S.Valieva




The Listing Commission makes a decision on the admission of goods to stock trading with its inclusion in the stock quotation list (listing) and exclusion of goods (delisting), as well as its re-inclusion (relisting).

The application submitted by the applicant to the Commission on the inclusion of goods in the stock quotation list is considered within 7 working days.

The decisions of the commission are taken by open voting by a simple majority of the votes of the members present at the meeting. The Listing Commission has the right to submit all disputes arising between it and the clients of the exchange members to the arbitration commission for consideration.

On a quarterly basis, the listing Commission provides the Management Board of UzRTSB JSC with information about its activities.
The composition of the commission is approved by the Board of JSC "UzRTSB".