Arbitration commission

Chairman of the Commission - S. Djuraev

Deputy Chairman of the Commission - O. Khasanov

Members of the Commission: Umarov A.

                              Salomov F. 

                              Khudainazarov T.

                              Khalikova L. (Secretary)

The tasks of the arbitration commission are objective, prompt and correct resolution of exchange disputes within its competence.

Participants of stock exchange, exhibition and fair trades, and their clients, have the right to apply to the Commission for settlement of disputes arising.

In case of disputes over the execution of exchange and exhibition and fair contracts, applications to the arbitration commission for the application of penalties are submitted no later than three days after the expiration of the delivery period specified in the contract in accordance with the current Regulations on the arbitration commission.

Applications are submitted through the personal account of the client or a member of the exchange to the special address of the arbitraj commission.